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Who am I? (an intro not a philosophical question..)

Last week I introduced my blog, but not myself.

My name is Abby. I am 37 years old and the mother of Olivia and Molly, my lovely cheeky chatty girls. I’ve been married to Richard since 2007. I had Olivia a few days before my 30th birthday and Molly came along two years later. These girls are our world. I am proud every day of them but, my goodness, parenting is hard. Boundaries lie smashed around my feet after the daily pounding they receive. I feel like I'm constantly second guessing myself and my abilit

ies as a mother. Add in my job and all the extra stuff that involves, plus being me and doing what makes me happy, it feels like a hard old slog at times. I survive by finding the humour in the situation. Gin helps on occasion. Richard is great, in some ways I feel like he's the long-suffering husband due to my various hare-brained schemes and ideas (e.g. this YouTube/blog thing!!), but he'd be totally lost without me I'm sure....!

I am a doctor. I care for babies born too young, too small and too poorly. I love my job, I absolutely love it. As with everything in life there are parts of this job that are tough, parts that are frustrating and it has broken my heart on many occasions, but meeting the babies and families I help and being part of their story – it is simply the best and a privilege. The nurses, doctors and the rest of the team around me are some of the funniest, bravest and kindest people I know and are invaluable to me.

I won’t write directly about my work on here. It wouldn’t be appropriate (and I might get into trouble). I also will not give medical advice either but may write generally about medical topics which would be entirely my view. I felt it was important to tell you what I do for a living as it is a huge part of my life and I have a different view of the world at times because of it.

I’ve started this blog as a hobby for me. I like writing. I love a winge about the world, I see myself as a happy cynic. I love a bit of humour and this will be like my diary, a cathartic release that will leave me stress-free and happy.

I hope you enjoy x

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