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The 7 second Challenge!




Great stuff.

My goodness it is a grim time. When it’s dry, it's more bearable. When it rains, its pants.

I’m running out of things to do to entertain the troops when it’s raining/dark/cold. I know it’s important to let children experience boredom to inspire creativity and self-sufficiency or whatever, but I do need a few tricks up my sleeve and my creativity pool is running dry.

Thus I have discovered the 7 second challenge. It can be a 5 second challenge, 10 seconds, whatever! Doesn’t matter. But an easy game. Our first time can be seen here:

You just need some challenge ideas, stopwatch/phone app, props where needed and a prize. Our prize - the ability to choose what we had for dinner. Olivia and Molly loved it!

The idea is that you complete a task in 7 seconds. Pick some that are easy, some that are hard and go from there. You could theme it towards a school topic to break up the homeschooling day. You can have bags with different age ranges with harder clues for the adults and teens. Sneak a tidying or cleaning one it as well! It’s such a simple concept, it’ll work for all. We loved it so I thought I’d share some ideas to break up the monotony for some of you guys too.

We did:

  • Lick your elbow (prank challenge!)

  • Name 3 animals

  • Name 5 Disney princesses

  • Take off both socks

  • Pick up a grain of rice with a pair of tweezers

  • Name 3 blue items

  • Eat a whole tube of smarties

  • Balance a book on your head

  • Act like a dog

  • Spin around in a circle

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun. Below are more ideas I’ve thought of and gathered from Let me know how it goes for you guys too in the comments.

More 7 Second challenge ideas

Here are some other ideas to get you started (harder versions in brackets)


  • Hop 5 metres

  • Bum shuffle 2 metres

  • Do 10 star jumps

  • Balance on one leg like a flamingo

  • Slither like a snake

  • Run up and down the stairs

  • Give everyone in the room a hi-five

  • Get them to sit down in the centre of the room then shout out ‘The floor is lava’ (a game where the floor becomes lava and they are only safe if they are up on something like a chair - should be easy to do but it's always one that keeps kids interested!)

Academic: Shapes

  • Name 5 shapes

  • Make yourself into a shape

  • Find something that is a circle or square

  • Draw 3 shapes

Academic: Math

  • Count to 20

  • Count backwards from 10

  • What is 5 x 5 (or whatever is appropriate for your child’s age)

  • What is 10+11 (or whatever is appropriate for your child’s age)

Academic: General

  • Write your name ( x ?times if necessary)

  • Spell out your name (or spell out your name backwards)

  • Name 5 colours

  • Sing heads shoulders knees and toes, with actions

  • Name all the days of the week

  • Name 5 months

  • Make your body into a letter that we can guess

  • Call out the alphabet


  • Put on a pair of socks

  • Butter a piece of bread

  • Put on your coat

  • Touch the four walls of this room

  • Lick your own nose

  • Hold your breath

  • Pick something up with your feet

  • Touch your feet with your elbow

  • Run and get a barbie (insert appropriately far away toy name here)

  • Bring me something that is red

  • Clean your teeth

  • Lie on the floor with feet straight up in the air - balance a book on your feet


  • Eat a whole donut/tube of smarties

  • Drink a glass of water

  • Eat a whole scoop of ice-cream

  • Name 5 fruits

  • Name 5 vegetables

  • Crunch up an ice cube with your mouth


  • Name 4 disney films

  • Name 4 YouTubers

  • Name 4 my little ponies

  • Name 4 barbie characters


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