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Giving in to the request for a you tube channel!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

We want our own you tube channel.


X 100000

Then number 1000001 on a rainy day in the first week of the school holidays, 4 months in the COVID pandemic bringing stress and disruption to our lives….

“We want our own you tube channel”

“Well we can’t, the house is always a tip and I’m not having that on the telly”

“We’ll tidy up”


They tidied the playroom. So I tidied the kitchen (well I gutted and cleaned it top to bottom for it’s big screen debut).

So giddy from the shock of my little angels listening to me and doing what they were told, I rewarded them with their wish (and myself with a threat that worked!)

I filmed them making the pizza dough and I’d already planned to make minging pizzas a la you-tube-esque minging ingredients (safe in the knowledge that decent pizzas were also being made to actually eat for our tea).

It was fun.

I’ve always liked writing so decided that this could be our hobby, I film and edit, then debrief myself by sharing the highs and lows over a gin and tonic.

Thus our blog is born.

Here is our first you tube video -

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